Monday, November 26, 2012

Kale Chip - Alive & Radiant Review & Giveaway

It's time for snack revolution with Alive & Radiant (review & giveaway)! I've been a fan of their kale chips for a while now so when they sent me a box full of goodies- naturally I went over the top with excitement!!!

The plain is just that. Plain- so it has more of a distinct kale taste than the others. If you're not a fancy flavor kind of person I'd recommend this for you.

Kale chips are the perfect alternative to potato chips. :)

I was literally blown off my feet when I tried these chockalet chips. Aaah, yeaaaaah- they really taste like chocolate! Go get some right. now . :P 

I'd describe the quite cheezy as very true to it's name. The cheese flavor comes from red bell peppers, organic cashews, organic lemon juice, chia seeds & salt. Dairy free! 

You can go for a southwest ranchy flavor, if that's your style. :P 

The cheezy chipotle. Ooh, yeaah! If you're a hot sauce kind of gal (or guy) you'll want to try these, too. :) Or you can just enter this giveaway for your chance to win all of these for free!

I was really pleased with the ingredients! Mostly organic. :) 

And, they're raw, gluten free, soy free & dairy free. 

Boy approved, folks. Boy approved. :) In fact- these guys were begging me to open these so they could try them! :P 

Simply beautiful. :) Love it!

I know buying your own kale chips can be a little pricey, but you can make your own kale chips for a fraction of the cost which is really neat! I'd recommend just Googling "kale chip recipes" for some ideas. :) That is definitely a recipe share I want to do in the near future!

The Alive & Radiant giveaway winner will receive a sample packet, including:
This Alive & Radiant kale chip giveaway is valued @ over $30. Sign-up and my best to you all. :) 

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Unknown said...

The Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch is possibly the best snack I have ever had!! Super delicious and convenient especially when you're in a rush.

As for making your own, using a dehydrator gives the kale a similar texture as the ones made by Alive and Radiant.

Unknown said...

I've made kale chips myself--in fact, I make them all the time. But I've never had packaged kale chips before! I'd love to try them. :)

Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I made kale chips yesterday and my kids devoured them! I would love to win! I was thinking yesterday about trying to keep them until the next day. Not sure how to store them though!

PeckishPursuits said...

Love kale chips! I make them every chance I get! :)

Jordan said...

I love making kale chips at home, but these flavors all sound incredible. I'd love to try them!

sarahssidebar said...

Hi! Thanks for stoppin' by my lil blog! So glad to have you! :) Those Kale chips look serious! HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I love Kale Chips! They are absolutely DELICIOUS! I haven't tried all of these fancy flavors, but I bet they're amazing. :)

Athena said...

I've had homemade kale chips and love them.

Unknown said...

I've made homemade kale chips too. They are surprisingly awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever made home made kale chips. these sound delicious!