Monday, November 5, 2012

Mind Over Mattress

Okay, folks- I'm curious! With the time changing over the weekend, I want to know what motivates you to get of bed each morning. :) Is it your life purpose so inspires you that you can't wait to get a start on the new day? Or, do you have special techniques that you use to coax yourself out of your warm, comfy bed each morning?

There are tons of helpful techniques out there but #1 what has helped me the most is making a to-do list the night before. Sure, we all want to accomplish great things with our life - but what about today? What are we doing today that will ensure our life isn't wasted? 

I go through phases of rising at different times, but 5:30 seems to be the ideal time for me right now. It's funny- I feel behind if I get up later than this just because I've developed a morning routine that works for me at this point in my life. If I don't get those "morning routine" things done on the list, I feel pressured - which may sound strange, but I think is a good thing. :-) If there's no motivation to do something, why do it? 

I love learning new tips and tricks about how to make my daily routine more effective. We all have a daily routine you know, the question is - what is it?

I read this yesterday (link credit) and thought it was really neat: 

"Discipline is 100% within your control. Take the first letter in the word Discipline - D and give it the numerical value 4. Then, take each of the following letters in DISCIPLINE and give each letter its respective numerical value. Add all the letter values and take note that the sum equals 100. If you want to increase your performance by 100%, then, put discipline in the driver's seat." -Bob Urichuck

And, here's a interesting blog post I ran across that I thought you guys would enjoy: Learning to Love Exercise


I used a kale/spinach combo for my green smoothie this morning and frozen banana for sweetener. :) 

For my workout, I ran 2 miles and did a 20 min FIRM. Fun stuff . . .  :P 

The morning was productive and I was ready for an early lunch around 11:30.

My mid-afternoon snack. :-) 

I was ready for supper when the time came- starved you might say! Aaah, it's dark outside . . . :P 

Puppy love. :) These are my sisters' puppies and they're 4 wks old now!!! To see a picture of when they were just born: click here

 I've nicknames this little man "Mammoth". He's absolutely huge, especially compared to his sister! 

This little guy is so fat it's hilarious to watch him "try" and walk. :P 

So, mind over mattress- what helps you to roll jump out of bed each morning?


Michelle @ said...

Your food lookes amazing, but I must admit I was taken by the puppy pics. SMILE!

Katherine said...

I agree, Michelle- the puppies take the cake! :-)

Unknown said...

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