Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Night - Patriotic Celebration for the Veterans (1940s Style)

I had a blast last night taking a walk down memory lane with the generation of WWII.

On our way to the performance! My sister Allie with her hot lemon tea. Always a great choice to loosen up those vocal chords. :P That, plus bananas! Bananas are awesome for nerves because they have plenty of potassium which helps you to relax.

The dressing room! 

Warming up. There are always those last finishing touches!

Almost ready . . . and as the saying goes- break a leg!

Here are some clips from the night. :) It was a 1940s style program with favorite songs from WWII including, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer and We'll Meet Again.

Mingling and talking with a vet after the program. 

We're all done and pray that people were blessed. :) Any guesses where we're headed? 

Ha-ha! Yes, we are really happy!!! So, I want to know about you - do you sing/play or just have an awesome appreciation for music? Do tell! 

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Erin James said...

I sing! :) You girls are just beautiful! Looks like a fun event!