Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

I put together this fun little collage naming just a few of the reasons green smoothies are health beneficial. Tell me your reasons for drinking them! 

Tomorrow I will be linking to all of you brave challengers that are doing blog posts on your GSC experiences! E-mail me those links to and I'll feature you. :)

I put strawberries and banana slices in my green smoothie for the day! What ingredients are going into your's? :) 


Andrea V. said...

Wow that looks yum! I made a creamy avocado smoothie today :)

Unknown said...

Love the mason jar! I make the green smoothie from Kimberly Snyder~ spinach,kale,banana,pear,parsley,celery,lemon & lime juice~
I add hemp protein,ground flax seed,water instead of ice,omit the is a great cleanser!Good health and many blessings, Marie

Fabafruit said...


Your pics are looking nice..Thanks for sharing these all with us and keep posting..
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Eli Joseph said...

Well, smoothies are refreshing drinks and make a person feel fresh. Green drink is also great way to provide nutrient to kids and helps them to gain strong internal health.

Ujan sharma said...

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