Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Green Smoothie Challenge: Day1! {Amazing Meal Giveaway}

Happy New Year, to all! As I wrote in my journal this morning it was super exciting to write a new date: Jan 1, 2013! 

Congrats to everyone who signed-up for the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge! It's the first step to finishing the challenge. :) You guys produced a great turn out which is so inspiring. If you haven't sign-up yet and want to participate - just comment on this post telling me you're in and I'll add you to the list!

The rules are simple. :) Just add 1 delicious green smoothie to your daily eats for the next 7 days!

Here are all the current participants: (I have a feeling there will be a few more who will want to jump in by the end of the day. :) 
  1. Katherine - Real Food Runner
  2. Andrea - Go Feast Yourself
  3. Michelle (& husband) Eat Move Balance
  4. Keyona - Skinny & Delicious 
  5. Steff - Sequin Remendy
  6. Addy - Six-Kick Switch
  7. Sherri
  8. Kels - K&K Test Kitchen
  9. Kayleigh - A Million Little Somethings
  10. Kat - Kat's Health Corner
  11. Abby - Seaweed and Sassafras
  12. Sara - You and Me Are We
  13. Ash - Southern Yankee Candle
  14. Katheryn - The Baker's Sheet
  15. Stephanie - McMania: Our Life As We Know It
  16. Sarah - (no) plain Vanilla Kitchen
  17. Andrea - Glam Hungry Mom
  18. Carmen
  19. Sarah - Forever God's Princess
  20. Laura 
  21. Sally - Forward From the Heart
  22. Katherine - Green Thickies
  23. Sadie - My Thoughts
  24. Bethann
  25. Christie 
  26. Katrina (+ husband and kids)
  27. Mariel - Mariel Moves
  28. Kristen - Change of Pace

This is my green smoothie for the day! Yummy, yum, yum! If you're looking for green smoothie recipes, I'd recommend one of these:

We're also kicking off this challenge with a fantastic giveaway sponsored by Amazing Grass. This company is graciously offering to 2 (30 serving) Amazing Meal green superfood - a $70 value each!!! There will be 2 winners & I'll announce them on Friday! Have at it. :)

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Sarah said...

To continue to eat healthier, and exercise daily!! :D

God bless,


Sarah said...

I blogged about it :


:D God bless!

Katherine said...

Great goal, Sarah! Mine, too :)

Sally said...

I'm in! Add me to the list :) I love all foods green!

Unknown said...

One of my health goals is to cut way back on my sugar consumption. Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

@ Sally - I'll add ya, girl!

@ Anne - That is a fantastic goal - I need to do that, too!

Green Thickies said...

I would love to join you on this challenge. I really need this at the moment. You can read why in my latest blog post 'Why I stopped drinking Green Smoothies' http://www.greenthickies.com/why-i-stopped-drinking-green-smoothies/

Katherine said...

@ Katherine (Green Thickies) - adding you right now :) Love your site!

Anonymous said...

One of my 2013 health goals would be to run a half marathon. I have my eye on one in May, but I'm not sure if that is too soon into the year but I plan on running more than I have in the last 2 months or so.

Camara said...

I want to run a 10k and a half marathon in 2013. I also want to achieve crow pose in yoga.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about it! http://thebakerssheet.com/2013/01/01/new-years-things-and-a-green-smoothie/

Sadie said...

Hi! I want in too! I just got back into drinking green smoothies and I think I just need a bit more incentive :)

Katherine said...

@ Sadie - Awesome. Glad you're joining us! I agree, it's always easier to do challenges with accountability. :)

Jordan said...

My 2013 goals are to sleep more and get to yoga at least 2x a week for mental and physical health :) Amazing giveaway.

Unknown said...

My 2013 goal is to stress less!

Beau Pace said...

What a wonderful post!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

~ Cee ~ said...

My first goal is to figure out what I want/to better know myself, which I think will help me health-wise as well, and my second is to quit eating out so much!

Unknown said...

One of my goals is to try a new recipe every week. Just one, so I can handle that, right?!

Anonymous said...

My goal is to generally live healthier - eating right and exercising! Love the idea of this challenge!