Monday, April 15, 2013

1 Week from TODAY!!!

If you haven't sign-up or met the co-hosts yet:

For all of you who've signed up already and are ready and 
rarin' to go - here's a blog button for ya! 

Oh, and comment below telling us what you are most looking forward to 
about this challenge! Is it the recipes, the community, stretching yourself or what?

Be sure to tell friends and family about this exciting challenge, too!

Green Smoothie Challenge


Beth Boone said...

I can't wait!!! I'm def excited for some new recipes but also to get a jump start to a healthier lifestyle :) Thanks again for hosting!

Ashley said...

I cant wait to find some different recipes!

Sally said...

I can't wait to be a co-host for this challenge! I am most looking forward to sharing and swapping recipes and making new friends!
Come say hi! Forward From The Heart

Pree said...

I'm excited about the new recipes that I get and possibly meeting some other bloggers during this 7 day challenge :)

I posted the challenge on my blog!! :)

Liv said...

I made my first ever green smoothie today with kale. It was better than I thought it was going to be. Excited to experiment more with both kale and spinach.

I love your blog. I find it to be so super encouraging to read about another Godly girl close to my age living an active healthy lifestyle. I embarked on the journey of getting serious about my health this past fall and it's been awesome. And in 19 days I run my first 1/2 marathon! =)

Dash Interiors said...

Yesssss love the button posting it now!!

Fly The Friendly Skies said...

Alright, I am in! Love green smoothies. :) Can not wait to have a good excuse to make them all week long.