Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Corn Flake Inventor and a Raw Foodist? {Dr. Kellogg -- The Little Known "Nutritionist" }

Are you ready for this one? It might knock your socks off. Seriously, when I read that that the man (Dr. Kellogg, an American doctor) who invented one of the most famous cereals ever was also interested in nutrition and is know for being a raw foodist- I couldn't believe it!

I don't get this one . . .  

I've  been doing research on raw food history in the US, and it's slightly hilarious that some of the early American raw food pioneers contributed some of the most popular non-raw foods. 

Like Sylvester Graham for example - the guy who invented those yummy graham crackers!!! {I like mine slathered in PB w/ chocolate chips. Just saying . . . :p} Graham was a raw food promoter, too!

Kind of strange, I know. They seem like polar opposites! 

This is one of the best articles I've run across highlighting the big names of raw foodist activists in the US. Click here to check it out. :) 

And, just FYI - I am not a "raw foodist". Nope! I just advocate nutrition and sometimes that means raw veggies are pretty helpful! :p 

Comment and tell me if you knew this about the famous Corn Flake maker or if it totally surprised you!


Pree said...

So ridic!
Didn't know!
but I guess they were
more about making money perhaps? lol.

Jenn said...

Wow, i had no idea. I will think about that while I am eating my frosted flakes this morning - ha! But I guess, back in the day, nutrition wasn't as well known in the home. So why not manufacture something that people will buy.

Christina McGuire said...

Doesn't surprise me. Although it's a cute box, I'll never eat nor let my children eat genetically modified corn that is in all of those cereals. They're all owned by Monsanto. Gross!

Shame on you, Kelloggs

I highly recommend you research the dangers of GMOs if you haven't already and inform your unaware readers! Now that's nutrition!! :)

-Christina @ The McGuire Family

Sally said...

I had no idea! Not surprised, though. Sometimes what we do with our lives doesn't parallel how we live, you know?
Thanks for sharing this fact!
Sally Come say hi! Forward From The Heart

Janna Renee said...

I like going raw at times, but I'm not an advocate either. I just don't find it realistic. Neat information! I definitely didn't know that!