Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Internal Switch

{sorry, guys- not sure what happened towards the end of this video!!! guess you can just treat it like an audio clip about 1/2 through :p } 

Do you have something that you know you should be doing but just can't seem to get it together? I feel ya! What's the difference between people who follow through and people who don't? How is a physically fit person different from the morbidly obese 400-pounder? Obviously a lot!

The mind, peoples. It all comes back to what you think.

The saying, "your out-ter world is a reflection of your inner world" is so true. Scary but true! I've been helping a dear friend get his life back on track (don't worry he doesn't read this blog) who just plain got mixed in with the wrong crowd. I've invested time, emotional energy and lots of staying up late nights in invested effort as well as enough FB messages to fill a book. Seriously. :p

But, guess what- I've learned something. A hard but necessary lesson, especially when you care about someone so much.

Change is an inside job. 

Meaning, you can tell people the truth all day long about their lives but until they actually believe it the actions won't change.

Not to say I even have close to the right answers- I just really care about this person. Goodness knows- I've got my own set of issues, though. :p

I don't mean to say I'm not giving up- just taking a different approach (I am so NOT a quitter!) and recognizing that my value and the value of my efforts are not connected to results. Give it the best shot you have and then the results are up to God. Plus, I have my own life to live and I love helping others with their's along my journey, but at the end of the day - I only answer for myself and trying to control other people is not what it's about.

It's humbling and convicting, but grasping this truth is another step across the stream.

This brings me back to "the internal switch" and leads me to say-- we all, each and everyone of us, act in a manner consistent with how we see ourselves. Are you a winner or a loser? What ever you believe about yourself is true. It's your choice.


What do you believe about letting go, the internal switch and having a winning mindset. :) 


Unknown said...

There is a lot of truth to what you are saying! And I believe absolutely having a plan is one heck of an important step! From my own experience though, I can also say, sometimes it´s hard to control these thoughts and take action when your surrounding has a lot of influence on you! For me change came, when I changed my goes hand in hand! Ultimately, it always has to come from within yourself, nothing else matters!

Dash Interiors said...

Fanatic post friend!! You are absolutely right your inside shows outside no matter what you think or see.
Keep up the great work with your friend.
Love you girl

shannonmarie said...

So inspiring. I was so involved in listening to your message that I barely noticed the issues with the video. Oh, and I hope your friend gets his life back on track soon.

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I think you're exactly right! I tend to get frustrated when I see people who won't try, are constantly down on themselves or are engaging in what I think is self-destructive behavior, but at the end of the day, the decisions they make are up to them. It's tough to swallow sometimes especially as a person who constantly strives to be better.

Anonymous said...

this is VERY true. one has to hit rock bottom really, to change their lives and only they can come to this realization.

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

great post! Change has to come from within. People have to look in the mirror and face themselves and their wants. I'm so sure that all your help will continue to resonate and encourage a change!!

Pree said...

Great inspiring post!
There are plenty of things I could be doing
to get to where I want to be in life
and I know I'm not doing them
but at the same time I know me not doing them
is also why I'm still stuck in my current situation.
Not that it's a bad situation, just not where I want to be in life.

That's another point, some people lie to themselves and say they are giving "their all" when in reality they are not which is why their situation hasn't changed.

At least I'm not in denial.

It's definitely a habit thing in a way. I'm just lazy lol. But that is something I'm trying to work on this year! Organization is also key. I def need it to stay on track because I am a procrastinator!!