Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ranch Dressing Gone Healthy = Didn't Turn Out

Looking for a salad dressing without all the gunk? Don't try this. I'll spare you the details. :p Heading to my inventor's laboratory (i.e.: kitchen) after a hard day probably wasn't the best choice. My brain just wasn't quite there, or something . . . hehe!

Aahh, at least I tried . . . next time! :)

Does anyone has a good homemade ranch dressing recipe (or ANY healthy salad dressing) that you love ? ? ?

I promise- more interesting photos to come than my failed recipe attempts. :p

Stay posted for reports on --- Old fashioned ice cream stand raids, what I ate at Whole Foods last night for dinner (so yum!), plus how I almost started the house on fire . . . certainly nothing out of the ordinary with me around. lol!!!!

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kesadler said...

Ok when I want ranch dressing to like dip carrots in I use a greek yogurt and Ranch dressing dry seasoning mix and then stir it all together and it tastes great!

Katherine said...

@ Kesalder - That sounds yummy!

6 Pack Momma said...

I have longed for a good, but healthy ranch recipe. Kudos to you for trying!!