Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Having a good daily routine is key! Hey- we all know that, but how do you start?

That's right. :)

You start small! Consistency is the key to change in every area, but specifically when it comes to changing your eating.

For me, fixing my breakfast and lunch the night before so I can just grab it and walk out the door in the morning is the magic bullet to keeping me on the healthy eating track. :) This pretty much let's me cruise on autopilot until dinner, food wise, and free to focus on other things!

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to eat healthy and but then feeling like you're "thinking about food" all the time. *ugh* That's not the point! Healthy eating should create more time for you or at least giving you an   even exchange (i.e.: feeling better, more energy, etc). *insert happy dance*

I'm a big believer in keeping things simple and keeping them real. Life isn't perfect and that's ok. :-)

What are your routines for getting "the healthy" in?

Any tips for streamlining? :) 


MomWhatsForDinner said...

I agree with you... it takes a routine to eat healthy. We are on track here. I make my husbands lunch the night before and steel cut oats are a staple for breakfast. I make them overnight and they are ready in the morning.

shannonmarie said...

I always start my day with lemon water with a sprinkle of cayenne. Then, I get in my a.m. cardio. The rest of the day seems to go well after that.

Katherine said...

You girls are so good!

Unknown said...

agh..ya, I could eat the whole time, always thinking bout it..but at least I know to choose wisely and get into the gym..still loving my smoothies :)

Sally said...

Consistency is key for me, too.
My go to healthy snacks are celery, a soft cheese like babybel or brie and raw nuts. I know if I have those in my fridge it will take the guess work out. Also keeping my algae bits with me always helps me to know I am only a drink of water away from energizing protein :)

Did you see my post from Monday? I finally wrote about Pilates vs Yoga!
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Goal of Losing said...

Amen, sister! I'm just getting back in to my routine after vacation!

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I agree with you. I make my lunch the night before which means that I both take a healthy lunch with me to work and I'm not scrounging around in the morning. I also tend to pick my clothes out for the week and plan my workouts. It keeps things running smoothly, especially with a 4 and 5 year old!

Marleen Swart said...

For me, it is preparing snacks and lunch for work the previous evening. Breakfast I prepare on that morning and then in the morning I prepare my meals which usually steam veggies and slow cooker meat. Like you say, consistency is key for being and staying healthy.

neca said...

Agree 100%! We do food prep on the weekend, making it easy to throw it into a container and go during the week!

I used to live in NC as well! :-)