Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lying to Be Perfect {The Movie}

Have you seen the movie "Lying to Be Perfect"? Friday night was a girl hang out / movie / pile on the coach "let's talk" kind of night and we watched this movie. :)

It's about a normal girl who knows all the right things to do in life but has a hard time applying this to her own life. Deep down she longs to be all she can be but- she's scared . . . of something.

This intense struggle along with feelings of inferiority from the climate at work lead her to create an online figure (the person she dreams of being!) who becomes extremely popular due to plain/practical advice that works; and she helps a lot of women straighten their lives out all under a pen name with no one ever suspecting it was her!

In the end . . . well I can't tell you that part! But, I can say after some heart ache - it is a sweet ending. It's a modern Cinderella story that has to do with love, facing lies, embracing truth and becoming all you can be. :) Who doesn't love that?!

And, just fyi there are a couple scenes in there that I did skip. I do have standards when it comes to what I watch so I just thought I'd point that out so you don't think I endorse everything presented in this film. :p For the most part, though- it's awesome and I'd recommend it for your next get together with the girlies! Guys - you might like it too but probably not as much as us girls. lol!

So, tell me!

Do you feel like you have to "be perfect" to be accepted?

How do deal with this? What's your outlet? 

Do you ever feel like a fraud or are you just happy being you? :) 

As a reminder - you are valuable and it's not based on what other people think or say about you. Don't miss out on being you (!) because you are so wrapped up into fitting your life into a someone else's box.

Let's live our lives and love it! =) 

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Marleen Swart said...

I thought I needed to be perfect to be accepted but learned the hard way that this is not the case. No one will ever be happy with you whether you aren't or are perfect. They will also find fault.