Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Look What I Found :)

Prices at Walmart. I was at this crazy mad house this morning and look what I found! Knocked my socks off . . . lol!

Seriously, people - sometimes organic can be the best buy, like in this case. Gotta compare those unit prices. :) How you found any healthy food deals like this before? Do tell!

A recent stop by my local Health Food Store for some more green powder. 

I'm trying, I'm trying . . . baby steps towards healthy hair products. I know I've needed to do this for months now. Why is it so easy but yet so hard all in one? 

I had carrot juice with breakfast yesterday. 

Can you believe this juicer is from Walmart and only $20???!!!! We bought this one when our couple hundred $$$ juicer was being transported in a card board box, fell through the bottom and broke - ah, ooouch! Right, that's what we get for trying to be all healthy and take it on vacation with us. :P But, this was a quick economical fix and works great! Go get ya one. :) 

My auntie was so sweet to come over and make a huge pot of yummy chili yesterday. Actually she made 2 - one with just beans & another pot with our farm raised, grass-fed beef. Delish! 

Pettin' my horse in the cool of the morning. :) 

I ate a late lunch today and was so hungry by the time I got to some food! 

Dinner was shredded BBQ chicken, spinach salad w/ dried cranberries & apples slices with sun butter. What did your supper plate look like?

Dessert? Uh, ah- right. I just felt so guilty not helping out with the cobbler leftovers that I had to pitch in. :P Whatever . . . 

Unfortunately sometimes I'm famous for waiting until the last minute to do something. :P Maybe a little bit of cram time this evening??? :(  I found this awesome karaoke track but the written music isn't available. Sometimes I can go by ear, but I feel safer if I write it out. :-) 

It's Workout Wednesday over at Sally's from Forward from the Heart and she interviewed me today in one of her posts. Check it out if ya like! 

Check back tomorrow for a HUGE surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm teaming up with over a dozen bloggers to bring you guys an awesome Christmas giveaway. :-) 


Unknown said...

The cobbler looks divine! Can't wait to see what the secret giveaway is all about! :)

Unknown said...

awesome to hear about the walmart finds and juicer!!!

Sara Lucinda Bell said...

Oh goodness... I just ate lunch but now I'm starving! Your pictures are so yummy!

I was just talking to a friend about organic/non-organic prices the other day. Of course organic will TYPICALLY be more expensive... but not always! I just got a five pound bag of organic potatoes for $1.29 the other day, and organic pears for $.99 a pound while non-organic were $1.29 a pound! It all adds up!

Anonymous said...

I love when I find deals where organic is cheaper than regular! It also happen sometimes with store brand vs the actual brand. I feel like such a grocery detective when i notice stuff like that haha

Marleen Swart said...

Yes, one need to have a lookout for the prices. Organic is sometimes the best buy for sure.
You followed me on Google +, that's how I found your blog :)