Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thoughts for the New Year

{Party last night with friends} 

Do you make New Year resolutions? I was recently listening to an online success coach and heard the crazy statistic that most people break their "resolutions" by January 15th! {Aaah, that is scaaarry . . .  can you believe it?}

T.R. says to stop focusing on change (it will happen, nothing stays the same!) and instead start focusing on progress (moving forward). I have to say I like this perspective so much better because it's an action step versus a vague goal.

He also pointed out that we act in a manner consistent with how we see ourselves which is one reason why there are way too many broken "resolutions". Our standards aren't high enough!

Instead of pushing ourselves with "willpower" we need to "pull" ourselves by raising our standards - what's the end goal? what are we pursuing? why does it matter?

For example, if you see yourself as a loser, you'll act like one. But, if you see yourself as a winner you'll act like one. (to paraphrase/quote one of my favorite women speakers :) {Thank you, Terri so much for your inspiration!}

So, what's the answer? Change how you think. How do you do that? Get filled up on God's Word. It's the answer. {Proverbs 23:7 - "you are what you think about"}

I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I'm questioning everything. My beliefs. My actions. {Which I guess is something we should always be doing, but something I've been doing more intensely the past 6 months than ever before. What would you say if I told you i've experienced panic attacks in recent months? I could say I don't care what other people think but that sounds so hard shell -  it's where i am, though, and i'm blessed it's getting better}

Why do I do things the way I do them? For what reason & for what purpose? Sometimes I feel like I'm just waking up. There is so much life to be had and so much "outside the box", for lack of a better term.

What would life look like in a year if we could just forget the pressure (perceived or real) and just go for our dreams? What would it be like? :-)

Since this is a healthy lifestyle blog, let's relate it back. Do you have a specific health goal? Then you need to see yourself in the end result and get excited about it. Start saying things like "I love fresh fruits & veggies", "I stop  eating when I'm full", "exercise makes me feel strong & energetic".

Or, if it's a life goal- like mine! Apply the same principles. :)

Need to loose weight? Then STOP saying you're fat {death & life are in the power of the tongue - Proverbs 18:21}. Start speaking life over your future! Watch the people who are skinny and eat like they do.

In a sense, it's really simple - in theory. On the other hand -- it's a whole lot harder to live!

I'm excited for 2013 and believe it will be the best year, yet! Whatever you're going through, embrace the difficulty - it's what makes us the people we are.

It's been a rather lazy day, for me. :) I went for a short workout this morning that I hope will give me that awesome sore feeling tomorrow!

Chicken soup for the soul. {Organic & homemade by mom = perfect lunch for a rainy day}

I'm off to dinner with friends now. Happy new year, dear blog readers! Here's to ya - live life large with gratitude for today. :)

I'll be back on early next week with more details on the green smoothie challenge!

What are some of your goals for 2013?


Unknown said...

I feel years is always makes people rethink their lives and hopes...
Wish you a happy new start :-)

Katherine said...

@ Jezz - thanks, girl! it's all good. :) hard parts in life typically = the best results so that's what i'm hoping for!

Aanika said...

Lovely post! Honest and inspiring! Happy New Year to you too! X


Abby said...

I love where you lead us in this post! Lots of great points to consider this New Year, or going through any change. Happy New Year! (I'm going to sign on for the smoothie challenge :)