Saturday, December 22, 2012

Healthy Eating During the Holidays - Is It Possible?

What are you doing this holiday season to help keep your body alkaline? To start, what does "eating alkaline foods" even mean?

Great question! Simply put, every food we put into our mouths either has an acidic (possible disease creating environment) or an alkaline effect (disease fighting mode). It's really an interesting thought!

One easy way to incorporate more alkaline foods into our diets is to go for the fruits & veggies over the processed, packaged options. :) 

I know, I know - Christmas cookies, cakes & pies are all apart of this wonderful time of the year and I love it just as much as you do!

But, if you know want a cookie for dessert in the evening - why not try eating a healthy salad for lunch or skipping the sweet tea and drinking water to avoid creating an acid environment in the body? It's definitely easier said than done, but - it all adds up and each little healthy habit we cultivate does make a different in the long run.

Friday night I got together with friends for a Christmas party. The guys totally surprised us all with a hilarious rendition of the Grinch song!

Yummy refreshments. :) With all the cookies I've been eating of late - I just hope I don't turn into one! How are you doing with all the tempting food this season?!

I missed breakfast & lunch today so dinner was a welcome sight! Sometimes (not often) but I'll get focused on something and won't feel like eating. Probably not good, but reality today. :)

This morning my workout included kickboxing, crescent squats & lots of lunges. :P How 'bout you? Did you workout today? 

I'm editing a fun little project. Look for it tomorrow! See ya then. :)

Off to finish up a little Santa work!

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So, I want to know about you :)

Are you eating healthy this holiday season?

What sweet treats are you enjoying? :) 

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