Monday, December 10, 2012

Yummy Food!

This was the supper feast: baked Parmesan chicken, garden salad, roasted potatoes, rolls & homemade blueberry cobbler. *Blissful sigh*

Thank you, Mrs. S! You are an amazing cook!!! I love it whenever you bring supper over or we get an invite to your house. :-)

I hadn't been for a run since last Monday so this felt awesome!

The weather was unusually warm today - in the 70s! With it so beautiful outdoors, I took my stretching outside. This lil' sweetie pie kept me company. :) 

I went through a phase of not liking dogs (sorry animal people. Believe me, though - I had good reason!), but I think I'm moving back towards the "love 'em" phase. I mean, how can you resist this adorable little face? :0

This was lunch. A bed of spinach with a spoonful of Bubbies pickles for pro-biotics and some roasted red pepper hummus with shredded carrot. 

My dinner plate.

Aaah, there's nothin' like homemade blueberry cobbler. :) Yes, Mrs. S you certainly know how to do it.

Have a great evening, everyone. I hope your Monday was a good one! See ya tomorrow with info on the next green smoothie challenge. :)


Ed said...

Cute pup! That food looks fantastic..hcve any left overs? lol

Unknown said...

The food looks amazing!!!!