Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ginger Spiced Cookies

It's Christmas! And, what's the holiday season without a little ginger to spice it up? :-)

I decided to give a go and see if I could transform a Paula Deen recipe into a healthy one and it still taste good. :P 

I skipped the rolled sugar step and just used a cookie scoop. Cook until soft or crispy - your choice! 

A little holiday cheer. :)

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Do you like ginger spiced cookies or gingerbread?

What's your favorite Christmas cookie?

Have you baked any holiday goodies yet?


Shanay said...

This looks really good.

Nicole Pearce said...

I'm not a big fan of cookies with shortening either. I do love a nice hot ginger cookie though. I always bump mine up with fresh grated ginger and crystallized ginger too!

Anonymous said...

oh man ginger spiced cookies are my favorite! these look so good!

Family Medicine Mama said...

Looking forward to making these with my daughter! Thank you for sharing!

Michelle @ said...

Now i know my next recipe to try, thanks! Looks yummy!