Friday, June 14, 2013

Fresh Friday

Happy Fresh Friday, everyone! I apologize for this post being rather late for the link-up . . . I was on the road without Internet access. :/

What top 3 made your wk FRESH & FANTASTIC?

Here are mine!

#1 - orange glazed cinnamon rolls (yes! i believe in life with sweets :)
#2 - hiking
#3 - being a kid at heart (gold mining with the 8 yr old bro = priceless)

NOTE: just got the news that my camera is out of the shop and ready to be picked up!!!! you guess it- I jumped so high I almost hit my head on cloud. I had 3 recipes to finish on my ebook when it broke. :/ so . . . . the publication is now on it's final leg!!! look for it. =) 

Have a GREAT Friday night!