Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Future of Soda Sizes . . . Hang onto Ya Seat!

Ok- so I admit. :p This 1 min video clip is a slight exaggeration, but not much ! ! ! Did you know it takes 30 glasses of water to alkalize your body after a 12 oz soda?

Crazy, I know! 

How do you feel about sodas? (tastebuds aside :p) 

Do you go for your treats in the liquid form (soft drinks) or do you pass ? :) 


Jodi Runs & Stuff said...

I used to be a huge diet coke addict and while I haven't given up soda 100% it's more of a treat than what I have to drink with my meal kind of thing now. I actually don't even like diet coke anymore. If I'm going to have a soda it's usually root beer (Abita or if a restaurant makes their own) or maybe a sprite or sierra mist if I'm not feeling well. If I'm drinking my calories I'd much rather have a beer or a margarita!

Katherine said...

@ 13.1 miles to Disney - GREAT job! It's about progress not perfection . :) Keep it up!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

mmhh..think I´m happy as a non-soda drinker...


kandis lake said...

HA i love love love this show! that's crazy though! we need some quality H2O!

kandis at misterandmisseslake.blogspot.com