Monday, June 10, 2013

Hot Yoga, Attempt 2

My 2nd try at hot yoga this evening! The room was at 102 F. Phew! I don't think I've sweat that much in my entire life. Seriously- I soaked my entire shirt . . . not that you wanted to know that (lol!) Totally worth it though and very rewarding!!! And, I think you should try it too :) 

Don't worry if you're not super flexible!  Yogi teachers are awesome and meet you where you are. We all have to start somewhere and there is no shame in being a beginner. 

I still feel like a complete baby myself in the world of stretching  / yoga, but I'm stomping my pride and reaching out. 

I admit- it's sooo easy to constantly compare yourself to that amazing girl who can do that incredible spilt with seemingly perfect ease and think "no fair!". In all reality, though- she worked for it and so can I ( and you!) if we're willing to show up and do what it takes. 

The question isn't, can you? But, will you?

There are so many poses that I can't wait to do but really just need to listen to my body (not pull anything!) and be consistent. :) Isn't that with everything ? ? ? 

Are you a "stretcher" or yogi?

Have you tried hot yoga before? 

If not, is yoga something you would consider getting into for the health benefits and just plain AMAZING feeling you get from a challenge :) 


Hilary said...

I've always wanted to try hot yoga, I'm definitely a stretcher!

Melissa said...

yes, i LOVE hot yoga but had to put it on halt because of how expensive it was! Glad you are enjoying it!

Kalyn P said...

I've only been to one yoga class in my life and I don't know if it is for me. However, I am an avid stretcher (I usually devote 10-15 minutes of my workout to stretching alone). Hot yoga is something I would definitely try, I just have to find a place that offers it!

Christy Ashley said...

I really like hot yoga! I'm in the middle of a 30 day yoga challenge and have been alternating between 'hot' and 'cold' classes. It's such a great workout!

Beth Boone said...

I LOVE hot yoga!!! Going here in a few!! It is such a good detox and you feel amazing afterwards!

Sam said...

I am completely uncoordinated and not flexible at all but I LOVE hot yoga!! You really can do it at any level and I love how I feel afterwards!

Jodi Runs & Stuff said...

Hot yoga is still on my "to try" list. I love the beginner type yoga classes that my fitness center offers. I'm not a yogi by an means but maybe one day.